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idigloomisShops OPEN for business during construction

Project Description: Starting at the end of May, Loomis is getting new curbs, gutters and sidewalk, and high visibility crosswalks, as well as restriping of the roadway to facilitate bike lanes.

Timeline: Preliminary Rollup Schedule 2017-05-22

On-Street Parking Restrictions: Will vary daily depending upon the location(s) of work on-going.

Additional public parking lots are available

  • Magnolia Street Public Parking – Walnut & Magnolia Street
  • 3701 Taylor Road, Loomis
  • Train Depot Parking Lot, 5775 Horseshoe Bar Road, Loomis
  • Blue Anchor Parking Lot, Loomis

Temporary Public Parking Map

ACCESS TO ALL BUSINESSES SHALL BE MAINTAINED: Access to all businesses will be maintained at all times. During construction, daily road closures will be in effect for segments of the road where crews are working. Customers, residents and other users should plan alternate routes around the construction zone whenever possible. The road closure area will continue to shift within the project work limits as construction progresses.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I get regular updates about construction?  Regular updates will be posted online at

When will the work begin and end?  The street improvement project will start in late May 2017. Completion is expected in late September 2017 provided there are no major unexpected complications or bad weather. PG&E and other utilities have already started performing work to modify their facilities in anticipation of this project. Preliminary Rollup Schedule 2017-05-22

Will Taylor Road be closed to traffic during construction? Full closures are not anticipated at this time unless a situation arises where temporary closures (night, weekend) yield a significant benefit to the public in terms of project duration or cost savings. If a closure is performed, then the public will be notified in advance and a detour will be publicized.

• Will there be detours? Detours are not anticipated at this time unless a reason arises to perform temporary full road closures. However, closures will only be considered if there is a substantial benefit to the public in terms of project duration or cost savings.

Are you changing the direction of parking and will we lose any spots? This project will provide clearly marked, on-street parallel parking. Location and alignment will change but the overall number of parking spaces will remain about the same.

What will the new streets and sidewalks look like? The new sidewalks will be continuous, ADA Accessible, and will have intermittent planter strips between the sidewalk and the street. The new street will have bulb-outs at intersections and at planter strips. The crosswalks will be decorated with stamped asphalt, and some sections of the sidewalk will be made out of permeable pavers.

What is the latest estimate for total project costs?  The Town put the project out to public bid, and the contractor with the lowest bid quoted $2.4 million to perform the construction work.

How is the project being funded?  The project is partially funded with a $1.4 million State Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant. ATP grants fund projects which increase active modes of transportation such as biking and walking.

Have questions? We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the construction project. Please e-mail Britt: