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State of The Town Event

Thursday, May 25th at 8AM

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Eggplant Festival

Eggplant Festival

  • 07 October, 2023
  • Taylor Road

Leadership Loomis is a monthly one day class hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. We begin in August and conclude in May, and yes host a proper graduation ceremony!


If you are interested in learning all you can about Loomis history, Civic and Government operations, Schools and of course how to be a more impactful leader, click below to get started enrolling into our next class!

2022 Loomis Leadership Graduation
Leadership Loomis - Class of 2021

Local Commerce Is Growing

The Loomis Chamber does more than promote businesses, we have your voice at town and county meetings.

Loomis Basin Legacy Loop

Tour the rich history of local fruit packing and distribution featuring these locations.

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