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2022 Eggplant Festival FOOD Vendor Application


WHAT IS THE EGGPLANT FESTIVAL: The Eggplant Festival is a one-day event with estimated attendance exceeding 7,000. Vendors range from local wineries, home & garden, food, art, farmers market, and specialty items. The Festival is held at the Loomis Train Station Plaza and Taylor Road, Loomis, CA 95650
All Food Vendors must offer a minimum of two Eggplant menu items throughout the duration of festival hours. Menu must be displayed on exterior of booth. Priority will be given to vendors who promote and display Eggplant items or are an established Chamber member.

ELIGIBILITY: Within each category, booth applications will be reviewed according to the date the application was received, menu selection, and booth size. There is a $240.00 fee for booth for a Non-Chamber Member and $175.00 fee for a Current/New Chamber member of the Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce. All vendors must submit this fee; there are no exemptions. All merchandise or food for sale must be listed on the application. We reserve the right to omit or permit menu items prior to acceptance of the application. 

RULES: All vendors must provide set-up, staff during the duration of the event, and clean up. All exhibits are to be set up prior to the opening of the show and may not be removed prior to the closing of the show. Set-up hours are from 7:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Tear down will be 4:00 p.m. The Chamber is responsible for returning the festival area to the condition it was accepted. In turn, the vendor is responsible to the Chamber for any damage to the grounds for which the town may hold the Chamber responsible.

PERMITS: The County of Placer requires that you collect and account for sales tax on each sale. Vendors who do not already hold a valid Resale Permit in the State of California must obtain a temporary permit from the State Board of Equalization. You must have your resale certificate in your booth and stated on your application. If you have any questions, please call the
CA Board of Equalization (916) 227-6709.

TEMPORARY FOOD FACILITY OPERATORS: Vendors must adhere to and meet the requirements of the State of California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law, and return completed packets to the Chamber. Vendors must complete the self-inspection form on the day of the event, and assist the event coordinator as he/she completes the Chamber’s self-inspection form on the day of the event. Upon completion of this task, an event permit will be issued.

It is the sole responsibility of the food vendor/organization to meet all requirements of the Health Department. If the Health Department closes a food booth for failure to meet their requirements, the Town of Loomis and the Eggplant Festival Committee will not be liable to the vendor; vendor will not receive a refund of booth fee, and may not be allowed to participate in future Eggplant Festivals.

PARKING PERMITS: Each booth is permitted one parking space in designated area. Available for use between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. for loading. Please park in the designated vendor parking area.

RESPONSES: You will be notified by email upon your acceptance into the 2022 Loomis Eggplant Festival.

FOOD Vendor Details

Display Setup

What is the exact length of your trailer or display?

What is the exact length of your trailer or display?

Please Upload at least one photo of your trailer or booth and a diagram of trailer, tongue to tailgate.

(For diagram, photo of hand drawing is acceptable.)

Add on items

Check items you need. The fees will be added to your overall application fee when you checkout.


This form is a contract with legal consequences. Read carefully before signing. If waiver is not agreed to and signed, participant will not be registered.

In consideration of the acceptance of this registration form for the program listed, the participant(s) named on the program registration form or his/her legal guardian, freely agrees to and makes the following contractual representations and agreements:

  1. The participant named, or his/her legal guardian, has read the rules and eligibility standards and understands the nature and content of the activities involved, and any potential dangers incidental to engaging in the activities.
  2. The participant named, or his/her legal guardian, hereby voluntarily releases, discharges, waives and relinquishes any and all actions or causes of action for personal injury (including death) or property damage occurring to himself/herself arising as a result of participating in or receiving instructions in the said program or any incidental activities.
  3. The participant named, or his/her legal guardian, agrees that under no circumstances will he/she or his/her heirs, executors, administrators, present any claim for personal injury (including wrongful death) or property damage against the Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce or any of its officers, employees, members or volunteers, for any of said or similar causes of action, including those which arise by the negligence of the Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce or any of said persons, whether passive or active. IT IS THE INTENTION OF THIS INSTRUMENT TO EXEMPT AND RELIEVE CHAMBER FROM LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR WRONGFUL DEATH CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE.
  4. The participant named, or his/her legal guardian, further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce, its officers, employees and volunteers, from any claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses or liability arising out of his/her participation in said program and activities.
  5. The participant named, or his/her legal guardian, acknowledges that he/she has been fully and completely advised of the potential dangers incidental to engaging in the activities, and fully and voluntarily assumes the risks of engaging in the program and activities.
  6. The participant named, or his/her legal guardian, has read this form carefully and is fully aware of the legal consequences of signing it. The Eggplant Festival does not have or provide medical or accident insurance for persons involved in programs sponsored by the Loomis Area Chamber of Commerce. I understand that refunds will not be given regardless of weather or unforeseen circumstances.
Cost Total $240.00

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