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McLaughlin Studios & McLaughlin Theatre Company


Greg & Nancie McLaughlin
3470 Swetzer Rd. Suite D Loomis, CA 95650
(916) 652-6377

Description: McLaughlin Studios was founded in 1993 on a very basic principle: "Clients will pay for exceptional service and knowledge." With that principle as a beacon, a 500 square foot location with 3 teachers in downtown Loomis grew into a 6,600 square foot studio with 20 incredible teachers & staff.

The Cowpoke Fall Gathering

Entertainment | Non-profits

Bert Braun
3270 Taylor Rd. Loomis, CA 95650
(916) 652-6290

Description: The mission of the Cowpoke Foundation is to preserve and promote the American cowboy heritage. Our premier event is the Cowpoke Fall Gathering where cowboy poetry, music and story telling reinforce the "cowboy way" at the heart of western traditions. Educational programs in local schools and youth performances at The Fall Gathering ensure that this heritage continues by exposing young people to these oral folk art forms.

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