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Loomis Community Preschool

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Sherry Mock
6414 Brace Rd. Loomis, CA 95650
(916) 652-7842

Description: A co-op, play-based preschool.nnAt Loomis Community Preschool, children’s natural curiosity, creativity, and confidence is nurtured and enhanced through a wide-range of hands-on, play-based activities and experiences.nnAs a welcoming community of teachers, parents, and children, we work hand-in-hand to provide a safe, caring environment that encourages the development of the whole child and fosters cooperation, communication, and respect.

Little Orchard Preschool, Inc.

Government-education-individuals | Preschools

Susan Piette
5895 Brace Rd. Loomis, CA 95650
(916) 652-4973

Description: An Early Childhood ProgramnA Nurturing Environment Encouraging Creativity, Exploration, Discovery & SharingnEnriching Children's Lives Since 1991

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